Established in 2000, Guangzhou Sijin Hotel supplies CO., LTD.

Is a comprehensive enterprise of One-stop Hotel Searching,

our products including: Guest room collections:

Bath Mats、acrylic hotel supplies、Leather Collections、

Resin Collections、Portable Cables、Umbrella、Others

Kichenware: Knife and fork、Buffet Collections、Kitchen Appliance

Guest Room Linen:Towels、Beddings、Table Linens、Shoes、Bathrobes、


Ceramics:Ceramics Collection、Plates、Bowls、Ceramic Soup Tureen、

Coffee & Tea Porcelain、Color Glazed Porcelain、

Japan & Korea Porcelain、Sand & Stone PotsCoarse Pottery

Other Ceramics & PorcelainProducts


to be an expert in global hotel      appliances supply

 Work Time
Mon to Sat :8:30-17:30
 Contact Details
传    真:020-82013887

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