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Improved Vitality
Improved Concentration
Improved Organ Function
Better Sleep Patterns
Relief From Pain

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Traditional Naturopathic Medicine
At Acacia Whole Health, we consider the person as a whole. This means we look at physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social factors when we evaluate and offer solutions to your health concerns.

In traditional naturopathy, it is important to know the cause of disease. Once the cause is determined and addressed, the body will begin to heal. We teach you how to best promote that healing.

We consult as general-practice, family naturopaths, and specialize in non-invasive, gentle lifestyle therapies such as herbal therapy, homeopathy, and nutrition.


Homeopathic Medicine
We offer homeopathic remedies formulated especially for your health needs. Homeopathic remedies work to trigger the body's response to balance and promote healing. We use them as support with acute illnesses, to restore vitality, and as preventative measures.


An Authorized Distributor of High Frequency Generator Devices!
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Family Health and Nutritional Counseling /
Health Screening with ZYTO Biocommunication

It is important to introduce a healthy, nutritional lifestyle early in life. We educate you on how to create an environment for your family to adopt better eating habits and to promote healthier lifestyle choices.

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